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Another Few Years, Another Blog...

I’ve opened many blogs in the past years, and most of the time they die out even though my first post is always about how I’m going to keep it up forever this time. Well this time I’m not giving any guarantees, but hopefully this particular blog will be kept up for at least a while… I’ll do my best to update it when I have something of value to say and when I have the spare time to write it up.

Hopefully this blog will be different than the other ones because my previous ones usually became soapboxes about pretty meaningless stuff. This time around I really hope to help people out through my case studies where I talk about the projects I worked on and maybe even some tutorials.

My Vacation

So far my post-college life has been kind of my own version of vacation. When people imagine a vacation, usually they think of a distant getaway involving drinking beers in the sun under a palm tree or something like that. For me I’ve been just hanging out with my girlfriend in my new official home of northern California, trying to get less terrible at Ultra Street Fighter IV, and doing some for-fun programming. I’ve truly appreciated not being in the stressful environment of university or Team 360 No Scope.

In the past 2 months I’ve been leisurely programming Xuehua CMS which I plan to use to as the backend to power my personal website, Lean Space which is the frontend of my personal website that you’re currently looking at right now, Lantern.js which is a lightbox solution I decided to code up as a “working break” during the development of Lean Space, and a few other projects I’m finishing up for the last contract work I have with Biosearch Technologies.

(Update, 8/31/2020 – Lean Space and Xuehua CMS are no longer being used on this website. If you’re interested in learning more about Lean Space, please consider reading the case study.

What’s Next?

Now that I’m finally about to finish up my personal website, I’m closing my “summer vacation” and taking the first steps of refocusing back to real work again by finally sending out some job applications. While relaxing is always nice, I sort of miss being in a work environment to be honest. Hopefully I’ll find the time to let you all know how it goes here on the blog. If the post actually goes up, maybe it’ll help someone who is in the same position I’m in right now where they’re looking to get their foot into the software industry.